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Midwest Retreat Information

Dear Potential Retreatant,
On behalf of St. Mary's Assumption Parish, we would like to share the reservation information for our Annual Midwest Retreat. We are excited about our location and look forward to hopefully seeing you in July. We have assembled this packet of information to describe the facility and to help answer some questions. The format is planned to be similar as in the past, and we are pleased to be back at last year's beautiful location at LaSalle. Here is a link to their website: http://lasalleretreat.org/

We have reserved two periods for Retreats, a five-day for Men and a five-day for Women:

  • Men's 5-Day Ignatian Retreat: July 11 – 16th by Fr. Thomas and assisted by Fr. Keiser.
  • Women's 5-Day Marian Retreat: July 18 – 23rd by Fr. Stehlin and assisted by Fr. McDonald.


All that is needed to reserve your spot for the Retreat is a send a $100.00 non-refundable deposit to the address listed below. First come - first reserved. Please ensure that your check is made payable to St. Mary's Assumption. Send your deposit to:
          SMA 2022 Retreat
          1114 Dolman Street, St. Louis, Mo 63104

Additional Information

  • All meals for the Retreat are included, however please note that with the Retreat commencing at 1pm, lunch is not offered on the First Day only. There are plenty of lunch opportunities along the way to the House.
    • While the menu is somewhat limited, please advise if there are any special dietary requirements needed. La Salle may not be able to accommodate these, but we will advise you on what may be possible.
    • There is a refrigerator and microwave in the dining area, so if there is something you are bringing that needs to be refrigerator or frozen, this can be accommodated.
  • Strict silence is maintained throughout the retreat. Therefore, please do not bring such items as laptop computers, radios, iThings, etc. that could be a source of distraction to you and to others. You may consider leaving your cell phones in your car also, so bring an alarm clock. You will appreciate the silence once you arrive!
  • What to wear: Ladies are asked to dress modestly with skirts below the knees. Men are requested to wear collared shirts and long pants, and not blue jeans.
  • Bring Bath Towels / Wash cloths, Personal toiletries (soap, shaving, etc, including Kleenex), Alarm clock, Rosary, Missal, Notebook & Pen, Chapel Veil. Retreat Center will provide bed linens, pillows, and blankets.
  • Religious Items and Books to bring: Rosary, Crucifix and/or Religious Items for Room, Douay-Rheims Bible, The Christian Warfare, and The Imitation of Christ. Other Spiritual reading for break times is encouraged as well.
  • For the sake of those who may have allergies, please keep the use of colognes and perfumes to a minimum. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
  • Rooms – there is a bit of a change this year.
    • Women. We are using the West Wing, and this building can accommodate 50 individual rooms. This building and room layout is a change from the last few years. Showers and restrooms are centrally located on each floor.
    • Men. We are once again using the East Wing, and this can house 19 Retreatants in individual rooms. Approximately 12 of these have beds for double-occupancy (two single beds in room). So if there are relatives that are able to share a room, we will then be able to accommodate more than 19 Retreatants. The registration form has a section to fill out if you are able to share.
  • The Retreat is scheduled to end around Noon on Saturday.

Location and Arrival

La Salle Retreat Center in Wildwood Area is located at 2101 Rue De LaSalle Glencoe, MO 63038, which is approximately 30 miles from Downtown St. Louis. For more information, their website is http://lasalleretreat.org/contact-us/

We do not have a shuttle service.

Arrival time is 12:00 pm on the first day of your retreat. Please be prompt in your arrival as the first conference of the retreat will begin at 1:00 pm sharp.

Retreatants are not able to check into their rooms before 12:00 pm. We will assign rooms between noon and the first conference. When you have your assignment, please bring luggage into your room but don't unpack since there most likely won't be time. If you do not get your assignment before the first conference, we will provide afterwards.

Final Payment

We are obligated by contract to remit to the LaSalle Retreat Center the full payment for the use of their facility prior to the beginning of the retreat.

  • Accordingly, the remaining balance for your retreat must be received no later than June 10, 2022. If not received, we will move your reservation to the waiting list.
  • Note, for those whose payment is being made by a Third-Party, the balance is still due by this date.

Please ensure that your check is made payable to St. Mary's Assumption. Please send your balance of payment to:
SMA 2022 Retreat     1114 Dolman Street     St. Louis, Mo 63104

Note: Deposits are not refundable. In addition, if you cancel your reservation within a week of the start date of the Retreat, we will not be able to refund your final payment since we will have already paid LaSalle for the amount of Retreatants registered.

Registration Form

Please fill in the form located here and submit with your deposit. We will send an email confirming we have received your deposit and also your final payment. Thank you.
To get a printable copy of this flyer, click here.

Again, thank you for your interest in this retreat. If you have any questions please contact us at dionysiusmcd@yahoo.com